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Custom S'mores Pops Party Favors

Custom S'mores Pops Party Favors

Who doesn't love toasty, ooey-gooey s'mores? They are pretty hands-down delicious, but I have a few requirements for mine: a toasty marshmallow is a must and chocolate that's heated through. To me, plain old marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker just doesn't cut it. I need that slightly charred marshmallow to make it complete. 

We put together a fun build-it-yourself s'mores tray that included a few easy-to-do riffs on the classic. First, we made our own marshmallows (here's Ina Garten's recipe that we like), and then assembled a few other components that made these campfire faves stand out—some chocolate alternatives like Nutella and York Peppermint Patties and bacon, because, duh.

All photos by Felicia Lasala

All photos by Felicia Lasala

These s'mores baskets enable you to toast the whole 'sandwich' over a fire, so everything is warmed through (genius). Side note: These are my favorite outdoor plates—plus they are dishwasher safe!


We wanted to keep the party going and brought the fun inside with these customized s'mores pops. These party favors can be made a day in advance (keep them in the fridge) and are easy to send home with friends.


Using our build-it-yourself s'mores tray as our inspo for the s'mores pop flavors, we made three varieties: classic, bacon and mint. To make these s'mores pops, you'll need the following:

- Extra jumbo marshmallows

- Wooden skewers (maybe 8" to 10")

- Milk or semi-sweet chocolate (for melting)

- Toppings (crushed graham crackers, chopped bacon, chopped up frozen York Peppermint Patties)

- Kitchen torch


To make the S'mores Pops Party Favors:

Torch the top half of the marshmallows. Once they are cool, skewer the marshmallows. Lay out your toppings in small plates or shallow bowls. Before you start assembling these any further, prepare a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper and clear space out in your fridge. You will need to refrigerate the pops for an hour or so in order to harden the chocolate and make the toppings stick to the chocolate.

Next, melt the chocolate. You can do this in the microwave in 10 sec intervals, stirring the chocolate in between each interval. Now get your assembly line together—skewered marshmallows, melted chocolate, toppings, then parchment-lined baking sheet. Take one marshmallow, dip it in chocolate, then roll it in your topping(s) of choice. Place it on the baking sheet and start your next pop. I found that sometimes I had to run back and forth to the fridge after I finished a couple because the (heavier) toppings were sliding down the sides of the marshmallows, so in order to keep the toppings (like the bacon and the peppermint patties) "suspended" in the chocolate, they had to go in the fridge asap after being assembled.

Once the chocolate had set up in the fridge, we wrapped the s'mores pops in clear cellophane bags and tied them with ribbon. Now, we are ready to party with or without the campfire!

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